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  • Every Instehome is completely furnished and includes all the comforts of home. The best part: you choose the location! Not satisfied with where your home is located? Inste Home will move you and your home for free the first time. Contact us for more details.

  • INSTEHOME Amenities Inste Homes are permanent and come completely furnished. The living rooms come with a Murphy-bed. Kitchens come equipped with a dining area and table, a cook-top, refrigerator, and microwave. The bathrooms all have a toilet, sink, mirror, shower with door, and appropriate ventilation. All Instehomes include a television, heating and AC, a ceiling fan, and security system.


               Please keep in mind, all Inste Homes are move in ready!

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At INSTEHOME, our Ida model was built to provide a personal space for people who are without a home, so they no longer must live in shelters, cars, cardboard boxes, on the streets, in parks, doorways, or many other places that are not suitable for living. Often-times they are not able to acquire or maintain regular safe, secure, or adequate housing due to their circumstance. And, in this state of being, they cannot pay high rents, and without an address are not able to provide an address which would enable them to obtain or at lest receive some assistance towards finding a place to live.


Our INSTEHOME Ida Model provides the homeless person a place to call home.


Size 9.6 x13.6  Cost: $35,000.00

INSTE HOME Verdie Model

(Future Model)


Some of us have family or friends we would love to help but cannot live with you under the same roof. But now you can help or accommodate them with the Verdie Home of their own. 


You can place the Verdie Home on a vacant lot, backyard, or RV Space, and with all our INSTE Homes, if the location does not work, we will assist you with one free relocation.


Size: 9.6 x 22.0   


(Future Model)

The WJ INSTE HOME is designed for one person, or a couple or small family. It is

safe and comfortable, and we offer many options with this model.

Size 19 x 30    

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