Instehome was carefully designed to fulfill all our basic needs. There is no other better option in the market that can beat INSTEHOME. You must see it yourself and compare with other similar advertised temporary housing solutions. This is the place you will call home for many years to come.


We finally found the way to beat the housing crisis.

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INSTEHOME was created to help those in need of a place to call home, targeting the homeless, the individual, student, or family member that wants or needs a separate living space. This project is not considered a band aid, this is more than a temporary solution to the housing crisis we are currently experiencing across the nation. It is a solution that most people, who can not to afford rent or purchase, have been waiting for.

The INSTEHOME is completely furnished and equipped with all the comforts of a home which includes: Bed, bathroom with appropriate ventilation, television, kitchen with dining area/table, cooktop and refrigerator, microwave, heating, air condition, solar panels for energy conservation, security system, and much more. Not to mention the convenience of setting up your house wherever you choose to, and if you are not satisfied where you are, we will assist you with relocation one time for free. That is a luxury, that you can choose your own location.